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Winx Logo Designs
Untitled by
Gift - Devilix Club Logo by mirage-05
Jinx Club Updated Logo by mirage-05
As mentioned, I will make a logo for your club (using the Winx logo template, not from the sketch, guys, sorry). You will just have to tell me your color preferences and, of course, the name of your club. I might add little details to my liking, if you want something else especially, please note me also. 
Magic Winx Attack Commissions (without background)
'Energy Combustion!' by mirage-05
Just like the MW commission, I can draw your OCs in their Magic Winx transformation as long as you have the transformation outfit and the wings (they can be in sketch form, I have no problem in coloring). This time, I will add their attack in the commission, so make sure to inform me about the name of the attack as well. Again, without backgrounds. And again, they will be put on bases.
Magic Winx Commissions (w/o Background)
Kiara Magic Winx by mirage-05
Just as it is stated, I can draw your OCs in their Magic Winx transformations WITHOUT background (I'm not that good at backgrounds). I'm new at drawing in general, so they will be put on base and I will NEED any and all of the references you can provide me with. I will NOT design outfits. Also, know that I will need time to complete them, so please don't ask me every day if I will be finishing your commission. Lots of love ^^


Lovely people in Deviantart

My contribution to all my dear friends I had the luck to meet on this site :love: Go check their stuff if you have some time to spare, they are all amazing artists ;)

:iconwhisperimaginary: :iconcreamytofu: :iconeleanor-devil: :iconfanaangel: :iconandy-dorinka: :iconloveyraspberry: :iconavatartara: :icondevil-catty: :iconmagicisreal828: :iconsassyflower: :iconangelheartdreamer: :iconhappy-mood:

(Yeah, tiny list :XD: I hope to add more, though :) )

Neowinx Full Cast All Seasons

Well, I wanted to do something :D Here is the (finally) full cast (with two exceptional characters, but they don't fit in these seasons. They will come in in either season 4 or 5) parted in seasons:

:sun: ~ Fairies from Season 1 ~ :sun:

:bulletblack: Eowyn Peters ~ Fairy of the Dragon fire, Princess of Sparx
:bulletred: Amandela Solaris (Amy) ~ Fairy of Asteroids and Planets, Princess of Solaria
:bulletpink: Eleanora Lilles (Ellie) ~ Fairy of Nature
:bulletgreen: Heather Callaghan (Heat) ~ Fairy of Technology and Knowledge
:bulletyellow: Victoria Thorn (Vicky) ~ Fairy of Music and Sounds, Princess of Harmony
:bulletwhite: Myra Monate ~ Fairy of Energy, Unofficial princess of Mirton

:star: ~ Specialists for Season 1 ~ :star:

:bulletwhite: Leon Solaris ~ Prince of Solaria, (later, wizard) User of Sun's energy
:bulletred: Ryan Declair ~ Prince of Tides, Wizard of Morphix
:bulletorange: Oscar Callaghan ~ Just Oscar, from Binary :la:
:bulletyellow: Meriad Monate (Merry) ~ Prince of Mirton, (wizard) Seer
:bulletblack: Artemis Everhart (Art) ~ Prince of Stradum, Wizard of Mind Control
:bulletpurple: Malvagio Cattive ~ From Iamash galaxy, son of a Count

:skull: ~ Witches from Season 1 ~ :skull:

:bulletwhite: Dilan Abdale ~ Witch of Time
:bulletorange: Wilhelmina Pace (Will) ~ Witch of Camouflage
:bulletblue: Comuna Cattive ~ Witch of Gases, daughter of a Count
:bulletred: Scortesa Cattive (Tess) ~ Witch of Monsters, daughter of a Count
:bulletgreen: Wenice Dawn ~ Witch of Underground Tunnels
:bulletpurple: Tesla Green ~ Witch of Disturbance
:bulletyellow: Deborah Reese (Debby) ~ Witch of Ghosts

:damphyr: ~ Fairies from Season 2 ~ :damphyr:

:bulletblack: Sapphire Nylenia Demexas (Nyl) ~ Emotionless Fairy of Emotions :giggle:
:bulletred: Elnare Lynn Gonzales ~ Fairy of Time
:bulletorange: Samantha Healon (Sammy) ~ Fairy of Healing, Princess of Rhamola
:bulletgreen: Sierra Beaumont (Sisi) ~ Fairy of Cosmetics and Beauty, Princess of Bellona
:bulletyellow: Melanie Strong ~ Fairy of Memories
:bulletwhite: Carina Lilian Welsch ~ Fairy of Illusions

:shamrock: ~ Specialists from Season 2 ~ :shamrock:

:bulletblack: Aedan Gholam ~ Prince of Zacherlos
:bulletorange: Randall Nowell ~ Prince of Astoria
:bulletred: Darren Nowell ~ Prince of Astoria
:bulletyellow: Serhat Ege Cansev ~ From Earth :la: , Wizard of Fire
:bulletgreen: Andreus Vasily Bizarkis ~ From Earth, Wizard of Water
:bulletblue: Daichi Kurosawa ~ From Earth, Wizard of Air

:trollface: ~ Witches from Season 2 ~ :trollface:

(I just LOLed at the icon I choose :XD: )

:bulletwhite: Chloe Gholam ~ Witch of Magnetism, Princess of Zacherlos
:bulletred: Caterina Sanders (Cat) ~ Witch of Blood and Doom
:bulletblack: Ingana Summers ~ Witch of Death
:bulletgreen: Darla Beach ~ Witch of Radiation
:bulletyellow: Kay Grange ~ Witch of the Four Horsemen
:bulletpurple: Serafina Isaac ~ Witch of Astral Manipulation
:bulletblue: Tiana Masters ~ Witch of Demons

:snowflake: ~ Warrior Fairies from Season 3 ~ :snowflake:

:bulletwhite: Celesta Lambert ~ Fairy of Water Cycle
:bulletred: Delilah Jenkins ~ Fairy of Weaponry and Battle
:bulletpink: Michaella Forte (Micky, Micky Mouse (by Nyl) ) ~ Fairy of Art
:bulletblue: Juliette Gayle ~ Fairy of Magic
:bulletorange: Alure Smith ~ Fairy of Dreams
:bulletgreen: Felicita Grand ~ Fairy of Good Luck

:butterfly: ~ Fairies from Season 3 ~ :butterfly:

(I swear this is the last section :XD: )

:bulletorange: Faith Welborn ~ From Earth, Roxy's elder daughter, Fairy of Arctic Circle
:bulletpink: Destiny Welborn ~ From Earth, Roxy's younger daughter, Fairy of Animal Transformations
:bulletred: Naomie Thorn ~ Fairy of Rhtym, Vicky's younger sister, Princess of Harmony
:bulletwhite: Rosetta Amarillis (Rose) ~ Fairy of Mining and Explosives
:bulletblue: Niaetta Nightingale (Nia) ~ Fairy of Night
:bulletpurple: Loreen Galaeth ~ Fairy of Rain Forests

Stampede! xD

I am Turkish and I am proud ^^

:iconturkishflagplz1::iconturkishflagplz2: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk by Emisama

Narutard for liiiiiife >w<

Orochimaru Stamp by MajinPat (Need I say more? XD)
Otogakure Stamp by SigmaticM (Sound ninja through and through :heart: )
OroIzu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil MiNatsu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil MiNatsu Stamp II by Eleanor-Devil GaaAyu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil DaIri Stamp by Eleanor-Devil KankuNao Stamp by Eleanor-Devil
(for life :heart: )

Old is Always the Best :heart: :

A.T.O.M. Stamp v1 by NinjaRABBiTx2


Free Art Trade Open Button by Hunibi

Palestine Free stamp by Nakamo

Hate Free Zone by ArchetypeStamps Echo, echo, echo. by Snuf-Stamps

Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Zodiac Stamp 'Taurus' by Sharkfold :iconnotweirdstamphaf1plz::iconnotweirdstamphaf2plz:
:iconooplz1::iconooplz22: :iconinnerdemons1plz::iconinnerdemons2plz: :iconimgoodinbed1plz::iconimgoodinbed2plz:
:iconwhyyes1plz::iconwhyyess2plz: :iconkill2stones1plz::iconkill2stones2plz: :iconimself-taught1plz::iconimself-taught2plz:
:iconnosleepstmp1plz::iconnosleepstmp2plz: :iconisolipstmp1plz::iconisolipstmp2plz: learning other languages stamp by DejiNyucu
Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx Talking To Myself Stamp by MrAwesomeArtist Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori
So Many Books by LaPurr Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d
Favorite Stamp by Ravechu Slow interwebz by prosaix


:iconanimalbetterpeople1::iconanimalbetterpeople2: :iconilovebirdsstamp: :iconiforget1::iconiforget11:
:icongirlslovesharks1::icongirlslovesharks2: :iconilovebutterfly::iconilovebutterfly2: :iconmo-biteme1plz::iconmo-biteme2plz:
:iconwolfsanctuary1::iconwolfsanctuary2: :icontigerstamp: :iconvelociraptorstamp:
Ninja Kitten by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me


:iconbleachstamp1plz::iconbleachstamp2plz: :iconomgstamp1::iconomgstamp2:
:iconnaruto-stamp-1::iconnaruto-stamp-2: :icongaarastamp1::icongaarastamp2:


:iconspongestamp1::iconspongestamp2: :iconhadesstamp1plz::iconhadesstamp2plz: :iconsnoopystamp1::iconsnoopystamp2:
El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler


:icondabettethanfbstamp1::icondabettethanfbstamp2: :iconilovemywatchersplz::iconilovemywatchersatplz: :iconunpopular1plz::iconunpopular2plz:

Originality is Essential:

:iconarttheft1plz::iconarttheft2plz: :iconcopyrplz::iconcopyr2plz: :iconrandom1plz::iconrandom2plz:
:iconocnotcopystamp1::iconocnotcopystamp2: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconpleasefavorcommplz1::iconpleasefavorcommplz2:
:iconsincere-favstamp1plz::iconsincere-favstamp2plz: Fancharacters by DracosDerpyHoof No Respect by MegSyv
Fictional love by Changeling007 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27
Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan


:iconnosubcookieplz1::iconnosubcookieplz2: :icondarksideplz::iconwehavecookiesplz: :iconcheesestampy1::iconcheesestampy2:
:iconicecreamicon1::iconicecreamicon2: :iconramenstampyplz1::iconramenstampyplz2: :iconevilmuffins1plz::iconevilmuffins2plz:

Movie & TV Show:

:iconwhysoseriousstamp1::iconwhysoseriousstamp2: :iconihatetwipires1plz::iconihatetwipires2plz:
:iconsweeneytoddplz1::iconsweeneytoddplz2: :icontwilightsucksstamp:

Die hard POTC Fan:

:iconpiratesstamp1::iconpiratesstamp2: POTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stamps PotC .Captain Jack Sparrow stamp by MariaPereira
Jack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie When no-one's looking. by LetsSaveTheUniverse I support RUM stamp by Crazyclur
WUT Stamp by Drake1 First Stamp - James Norrington by kuripuck Is That it? by Sammsy
:thumb124562963: Why the hell stamp by corny235 Why is the rum Gone? by Sammsy

Percy Jackson:

:icongreekmythologystamp1::icongreekmythologystamp2: I LOVE SOLANGELO (GIF STAMP) by BrunaGonda:thumb346782939: Team Leo Stamp by Lil-Treaty :iconpercyjacksonstmp1plz::iconpercyjacksonstmp2plz:


:iconilovenightstamp1::iconilovenightstamp2: :iconoceanlovestamp1::iconoceanlovestamp2: :iconrainstamp1plz::iconrainstamp2plz:
:iconsunsetstamp1plz::iconsunsetstamp2plz: :icongogreenstamp1plz::icongogreenstamp2plz: I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa


:iconfirstpokemonstamp1::iconfirstpokemonstamp2: :iconlovespokemonstamp1::iconlovespokemonstamp2: :iconteamrocketicon1::iconteamrocketicon2:

Misc. :

:iconplutostamp1::iconplutostamp2: XD Stamp by MimiMarieT
:iconyourstupid1plz::iconyourstupid2plz: :iconiawesomed1plz::iconiawesomed2plz: :iconbepolite01::iconbepolite02:
:icon3am1::icon3am2: :iconcoverit1plz::iconcoverit2plz: :iconspnnosub1::iconspnnosub2:
:iconmustcontainfangirl1::iconmustcontainfangirl2: :iconhotguyzplz::iconhotguyzplz2: :iconyouryoure01::iconyouryoure02:

Journal History


[FT] Violet by mirage-05
[FT] Violet
Aaaalright, people... I... finally jumped the bandwagon which is known as Fairy Tail and after reading 374 in over a month, I begin creating my own OCs for it :D (okay who am i kidding, I started creating them way before that).

Here is Violet :) And here are some facts about her, although her profile is still a big V.I.P ^^; (gonna add my sig later)

Name: Violet
Alias: The seer
Age: 17 (At the time of death) + Resurrected two years after her death
Gender: Female

Magic: Basic water magic, Scrying (She can tell future from looking at the surface of any water body)
Weapons: None
Armors: None

Previous Affiliations: Eagle Eye 
Current Guild: Mermaid Heel
Other Affiliations: None
Guild Mark color and location: Teal, on her back down her shoulder blades
Occupation: Mage

Team: TBD
Teammates: TBD
Relatives: All deceased
Friends: (previous) Rufus Lore, and some of her other friends she made in Eagle Eye 
Love Interest: Rufus Lore

Background Story:

Violet lost her parents when she was very little (nine years old) during an attack on their village to thin out the number of the mages, who were feared and persecuted. Scared and traumatized, she was rescued by an elder and they traveled for a while, but the elder abandoned her when she looked into a river they were passing by and told him that he doesn't have long to live. After that, Violet traveled for a little while longer and heard about the mage guilds, making it her goal to join the nearest guild as soon as possible.

This brought her to Eagle Eye, a guild which was run by a kind master, who, upon seeing her powers, decided to accept her, no matter how weak their offensive and defensive magic was. Spending her next eight years in the guild, Violet made many friends and especially got close to a boy named Rufus. When they reached the age seventeen, they started dating.

At one point, before Rufus was to leave for a mission, Violet had a vision and begged him not to go, telling him that something bad will happen to him if he did. He tried to comfort her, telling her that as long as he is with his nakama, he is gonna be protected. A few hours after his team left, though, Eagle Eye was attacked and obliterated, Violet also dying in the attack.

Rufus was devastated when they came back to see the guild in ruins, and blamed himself heavily for not believing her and leaving her back. He stayed for three days beside her corpse, not doing anything, before he buried her in a place only he knew about and leaving his friends, looking for a strong guild in which he would never have to face such a pain. This is how he ended up in Sabertooth.

Two years later, during the prelims of the Grand Magic Games, Team Sabertooth defeated Team Lionheart, and Rufus came in contact with Nevaeh Maleek, who has power over dreams. Their contact unknowingly created a powerful unison raid, through which Rufus's memory of Violet and his dream to see her once again projected into life and Violet was brought back on the spot she died. Later, she would join Mermaid Heel.


Violet is quiet and uses a few words to convey her thoughts, she prefers touching or writing to get what she feels through. She is intelligent and calculating, and usually thinks things through before taking a step. However, if anyone she deeply cares for is involved, she can sometimes take rash actions too. Though she is trying to hide, she is actually quite shy and can sometimes stammer when she is speaking to new people. She loves cheering people up.


- Violet remembers nothing from her past life when she is brought back to life, and was quite taken aback when Rufus remembered and tried to approach her.
- She is left-handed.
- She tends to rely very much on her scrying.
- I basically created her on a whim when I saw Rufus's info card at the beginning of one of the chapters xD

Magic Stats:

Base; Rukicchi-San


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Oh, well. What to say...

My main deal is writing, and I have been writing since... a very long time, actually, over 16 or so years. I love writing, and I especially love to write either fluffy romance or tragic stuff. I'm not usually that picky, though. I am on my way to (hopefully) publish two book projects I am currently working on myself.

I also love to draw, but I'm not very good at it. But, hey! I'm trying to learn to be better :)

If you are, by any chance, interested in my work, please feel free to ask any questions :D

To-Do List! (General)

:bulletblack: Not started yet
:bulletwhite: Plot making in process
:bulletorange: Writing in process
:bulletyellow: Lineart in process
:bulletgreen: Coloring in process
:bulletpink: Shading and highlighting in process
:bulletred: Ready to upload

:bulletblue: For Wildix Gen. 2

:bulletblack: Juliette casual season 1

:bulletblue: For STG

:bulletyellow: Kiara's casual outfit for season 1

:bulletblue: For Dreamix Club

:bulletyellow: Miranda's detention party outfit
:bulletblack: Miranda and Malion

:bulletblue: For Olympix Club

:bulletorange: Alure's Bio
:bulletyellow: Alure's Camp-Halfblood Outfit

:bulletblue: For Neowinx

:bulletblack: Amy's MW outfit
:bulletblack: Heat's MW outfit
:bulletwhite: Eowyn's Bio
:bulletwhite: Amy's Bio
:bulletwhite: Ellie's Bio
:bulletwhite: Heat's Bio
:bulletwhite: Vicky's Bio
:bulletwhite: Myra's Bio

:bulletblue: For Angel's Friends

:bulletyellow: Xanadu design
:bulletblack: T'siante design


Feeling depressed... 

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:iconhybridcatgirl995: :iconimaginarygirl1: :icondoringota: :iconhakamianhami: :iconkillergirlfuria:


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